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lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

Eddie cochran complete sessions


The beginning of this blog, it reflects Eddie's meetings, his official discography and recordings of record others, which Eddie appears as musician of study. These doubtful topics included in the paragraphs of private recordings, are selections of Eddie's possible colaboration and his guitar. Great part of this material has been studied, some with sufficient documentation to accredit them, others have been qualified auditiv by me. This material has been  after many years of work and with the collaboration of my friend Timo Runner, who to collaborated largely of the particular material. With this blog, I try to make Eddie's discography more extensive, with the collaboration of everything that one that wants to do it inside this blog, to do rectifications,Collaborations, information and everything related to Eddie's history. Thank you for the dedicated attention. A greeting.
Chuck Foreman - Eddie Cochran 
Chuck Foreman's house - Bellflower, Los Angeles, California

Rock it
Gambler guitar
Jammin' With Jimmy
Steelin' The Blues
Two Of A Kind
Two Of A Kind (backing track)
Stardust (backing track)
Candy Kisses
Chuck & Eddie's Boogie
In The Mood
I'll See You In My Dreams
Hearts Of Stone
Water Baby Blues (short riff)
Humourous conversation

Don Deal
Goldstar Studio - Hollywood, California

The High Sign
Down The Road To Nowhere
It Could Only Be Wrong
Love Me Sweetheart
Let's Get It Over Right Now
I Don't Want To But I Do
When You Hear A Saviour Call
Don't Ask Me Why

Hank Hammer

Down Down Down
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Mountains And Mountains Of Lies
I Wouldn't Take A Million For Your Love


Chuck Foreman - Eddie Cochran

Cannonball Rag
Blue Gypsy
The Poor People Of Paris

May 1955

The Cochran Brothers

Mr. Fiddle
Your Tomorrows Never Come
Guilty Conscience

Eddie Cochran, Bob Denton, Carl West, Conny 'Guybo' Smith, Art York
Bell Gardens (Local hall) - Los Angeles, California

That's Allright Mama    Bob Denton
She Done Give Her Heart To Me        Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran, Bob Denton, Carl West, Conny 'Guybo' Smith, Art York
Bell Gardens (Local hall) - Los Angeles, California

Remington Ride           INSTRUMENTAL
Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young        Eddie Cochran

 Summer 1955

Jess Willard

Every Dog Has His Day           Jess Willard
Don't Hold Her So Close         Jess Willard

Riley Crabtree

Meet Me At Joes
Don't Turn Away From Me

Al Dexter
Pistol Packin' Mama    Al Dexter
I Won't Be Number Two         Al Dexter

The Cochran Brothers

Rockin' & Flyin' (version 1)     Hank & Eddie Cochran
Closer, Closer, Closer Jerry Capehart and Hank & Eddie Cochran    
A Healer Like Time     Hank Cochran
Walkin' Stick Boogie   Jerry Capehart
Rollin'   Jerry Capehart
OTHER MEETINGS PRIVATE COLLECTION (He is possible Eddie to the guitar *)

Jerry capehart
patent pending
pedal pushin baby
livin´this life  jery capehart and cochran bros
too often  jerry capehart and cochran bros

Smoki whitfield

behind the swinging doors  

Buddy Griffin

A Red Rose, A Bouquet
Bartender`s Girl



Jerry Capehart

That's What It Takes To Make A Man
This Must Be The Place          
Rockin' & Flyin' (version 2) - take 7
Fast Jivin'
Fast Jivin' (complete take)

Don deal

Cryin' In One Eye       
Broken-Hearted Feller

Ray Stanley

Let's Get Acquainted  
Common Sense          

The Cochran Brothers 

Pink-Peg Slacks (version 1)     Eddie Cochran
Latch On (version 1) take 1     Hank Cochran
Latch On (version 1) take 2     Hank Cochran
Heart Of A Fool - take 1         Jerry Capehart
Yesterday's Heartbreak           Eddie Cochran
Latch On (version 2)    The Cochran Brothers
My Love To Remember (version 1) take 1      Eddie Cochran
My Love To Remember (version 1) take 2      Eddie Cochran
He's Graduating - take 1          (possibly) Carol Palmer

Hank cochran

I'm Ready

The Cochran Brothers

Tired & Sleepy  Hank & Eddie Cochran
Fool's Paradise  Hank & Eddie Cochran
Slow Down        Hank & Eddie Cochran
Open The Door  Hank & Eddie Cochran

Tom Forse

They Call You A Small Fry         

Wynn Stewart - Skeets MacDonald

Slowly But Surely           Wynn Stewart
Keeper of The Keys        Wynn Stewart

You Oughta See Grandma Rock  Skeets McDonald
Heartbreakin' Mama       Skeets McDonald
Eddie Cochran

I Should Have Known     Eddie Cochran   falta
Long Tall Sally  
Blue Suede Shoes         
I Almost Lost My Mind   
That's My Desire           

Eddie Cochran

Long Tall Sally (Snuff Garrett overdubs) 
Blue Suede Shoes (Snuff Garrett overdubs)        
I Almost Lost My Mind (Snuff Garrett overdubs)
That's My Desire (Snuff Garrett overdubs)          

Jack Lewis

Butterscotch Candy & Strawberry Pie     

Eddie Cochran

Dark Lonely Street (version 1) balance take        
Dark Lonely Street (version 1) take 1     
Dark Lonely Street (version 1) take 2     
Dark Lonely Street (version 1) take 3     
Dark Lonely Street (version 1) take 4 / false start
Dark Lonely Street (version 1) take 5     
Dark Lonely Street (version 1) take 6     

Summer 1956

Eddie Cochran 

Twenty Flight Rock (version 1)   
Completely Sweet (version 1)    
Dark Lonely Street (version 2) take unknown
My Love To Remember (version 2) take 2          
My Love To Remember (version 2) take 3          

Pink-Peg Slacks (version 2)
My Love To Remember (version 3) take 5
My Love To Remember (version 3) take 6/false st
My Love To Remember (version 3) take 7
My Love To Remember (version 3) take 8/false st
My Love To Remember (version 3) take 9
Half Loved (version 1) take 1
Pink-Peg Slacks (version 2) Snuff Garrett overdubs
Half Loved (version 2) take 2
Half Loved (version 2) take 3 / false start
Half Loved (version 2) take 4
Half Loved (version 2) take 5 (master)

Skinny Jim        
Skinny Jim (Snuff Garrett overdubs)
My Love To Remember (version 4) unknown take

Jack Lewis

Someone To Love Me   

Lynn Marshall

You'll Find Out  

Eddie Cochran

Nice 'n' Easy      INSTRUMENTAL
String Fever      INSTRUMENTAL
Jungle Jingle    INSTRUMENTAL
Guitar Blues     INSTRUMENTAL

Eddie Cochran
Mighty Mean (demo)

Ray Stanley

Market Place  
Love Charms  
My Lovin' Baby          
Kiss & Make Up        
Over A Coke

The Holly Twins

I Want Elvis For Christmas     
The Tender Age                      

Mamie van Doren

Go Go Calypso          
Oo Ba La Baby          
Rollin' Stone  
My beat generation 

Eddie Cochran
Cotton Picker 
Cotton Picker (movie version -

(He is possible Eddie to the guitar *)

Alis Lesley

He Will Come Back To Me *
 heartbreak harry.*

Eddie Miller

patty cake man *

Jimmy Merritt


Lou Millet
Chapel of my heart
When i harvest my love



June Cochran

I'm Confessin' 
I Dream Of You         

Eddie Cochran

Sittin' In The Balcony
One kiss         
Mean when I'm Mad   

Bob Denton

On My Mind Again     
Always Late  
Lee Denson
new shoes

Yvonne Lime

Ting-A-Ling Telephone           

Eddie Cochran

Drive-In Show
Am I Blue       
Completely Sweet (version 2) 
Undying Love 
I'm Alone Because I Love You           
Lovin' Time     
Proud Of You 
Stockin's 'n' Shoes      
Tell Me Why   
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You       
Cradle Baby   
Twenty-Flight Rock (version 2)          
Pocketful Of Hearts    
Sweetie Pie

Darla Daret

Gary Lambert & Eddie Cochran

Boogie Woogie Breakdown     INSTRUMENTAL
Rock Around The Clock         INSTRUMENTAL
Memphis Blues            INSTRUMENTAL
Rock-A-Bye Boogie    INSTRUMENTAL
Elmer's Tune    INSTRUMENTAL
Bye Bye Blues             INSTRUMENTAL
Steel Guitar Rag           INSTRUMENTAL
High Rocking Swing     INSTRUMENTAL
St. Louis Blues             INSTRUMENTAL
Birth Of The Blues       INSTRUMENTAL
Till I Waltz AgainWith You      INSTRUMENTAL
Blue Steel Blues           INSTRUMENTAL
Panhandle Rag             INSTRUMENTAL
Gary's Tune     INSTRUMENTAL
Guitar Boogie in High   INSTRUMENTAL

Bob Denton

Love Me So I'll Know  - take 19        
Love Me So I'll Know (master with guitar /mandolin overdubs) I'm Sending You This Record  - take 29        

Bob Denton

I'm Sending You This Record (master with overdubs)
I'm Sending You This Record (master with overdubs) STEREO         

Eddie Cochran  1957 In Australia live concert ampool
nterview with Eddie Cochran by Jack Davey  
Interview with Eddie Cochran by Jack Davey 

Paula Morgan           

Only A Fool (master with overdubs)   
Someone To Love Me (master with overdubs)           
Someone To Love Me (minus overdubs)        
I Hang My Head To Cry        
Eddie Cochran
'Studio Party' TV show - WABD-TV Channel 5 - hosted by Herb Sheldon

Sittin' In The Balcony
Twenty-Flight Rock

October 27, 1957 
Gary Williams & Eddie Cochran
Gary Williams home, Spokane, Washington

I'll See You In My Dreams      INSTRUMENTAL
Farewell, My Bluebell  INSTRUMENTAL
Dallas County Jail Blues (version 1)     Gary Williams
T.B. Blues        Gary Williams
Dallas County Jail Blues (version 2)    Gary Williams

November 2, 1957

Eddie Cochran "Freeman Hoover Interview"
Albany Hotel, Denver, Colorado 

Interview Eddie Cochran - part 1         INTERVIEW
Interview Eddie Cochran - part 2         INTERVIEW
Interview - part 4 (Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Eddie Cochran and Connie 'Guybo' Smith)      INTERVIEW

KCSR radio promo
L.A. 'Big Sound' radio promo
talks about Frankie Lymon
Don Deal

Don't Push
 My Blind Date

Al Casey

Willa Mae       

(He is possible Eddie to the guitar  *)


David seville
rock del camello  - and eddie guitar

Ray Stanley 
I Can't Wait

Black Jack Wayne 

what makes me hang aroun*
 gotta travel on*

Margie Rayburn
I'm Available
Freight Train*

Eddie Daniels

Playin' Hide Go Seek 
Bob Denton

time will tell
love is made of this

Jimmy bowen

 dont drop it 

Brenda & Eddie 
Gee, How I Love You*
What You`ve Done To Me*

Danny Andrew
As Long As We`re Together*
bongo boy

Don Robertson 

longing to hold you again*
so long

introduction  hot rod gang

Frank pizani
 Angry *
John stone
Eeney, Meeney, Mieney Moe *

Laurie Loman
Sittin in the windows *

Ronnie McBee

I`ll Be Waiting For You
My Lonely Heart Keeps Crying

Carl belew

no lovetonight *

Tommy Law

loose juice
cool juice

Ted Embry 

 New Shoes*
Teen Age Confession*

Joyce Taylor 

 how will i know

 Lee Denson

hear of a fool
high school bop
love twister


Eddie Cochran

Pretty Girl (MASTER - US MONO single version)    
Pretty Girl (UK MONO single version with the intro clipped and reverb and compression added)      
Pretty Girl (2-track STEREO version with different lyrics before the guitar break)      
Pretty Girl (3-track STEREO-version as above)         
Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (MASTER - US MONO single version with guitar overdub)           
Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (STEREO minus guitar overdub)
Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (MONO minus guitar overdub)        

Teenage Cutie - take 1 (false start)
Teenage Cutie - take 2
Teenage Cutie - take 3 (break-up)
Teenage Cutie - take 4
Teenage Cutie - take 5 (master)
litte lou ( take 6)

John Ashley

Born To Rock
Don't Let Them Tear Us Apart
Mean Mean Woman

Eddie Cochran

Teresa -  take 3 (MONO)

Bob Luman

Guitar Picker

John Ashley (soundtrack for movie  "Hot Rod Gang")

Annie Laurie
Hit And Run Lover

Gene Vincent

Git It
Teenage Partner
Peace Of Mind
Lovely Loretta
Somebody Help Me
Five Feet Of Lovin' (version 2)

Eddie Cochran

Summertime Blues (US single version with echo)
Summertime Blues (UK single version)

Gene Vincent

The Wayward Wind

Now Is The Tour

Eddie Cochran

Ah, Pretty Girl - take 19
Ah, Pretty Girl - take 32 (alternate chorus + vocal overdub)
Ah, Pretty Girl - take 32 (overdubbed guitar solo) – MONO
Ah, Pretty Girl - take 32 (overdubbed guitar solo) – STEREO

Bob Denton & Eddie Cochran
24-Hour Night
Sick & Tired

Eddie Cochran

Love Again
Love Again (Snuff Garrett overdubs)
Lonely (Snuff Garrett overdubs)
Cruisin' The Drive-In
One Minute To One

Galen Denny

What Ya Gonna Do
Gonna Build A Rocket

Eddie Cochran

Don't Ever Let Me Go

Bob Denton

Pretty Little Devil
Thinkin' About You

Jerry Neal (Jerry Capehart

I Hate Rabbits

Eddie Cochran
Meet Mr Tweedy

Troyce Key

Drown In My Tears
Baby Please Don't Go
Watch Your Mouth

John Ashley & The Voices of Allah (a.k.a. The Four Dots)

Seriously (In Love) - take 8 (master)
I Want To Hear It From You (master

Jerry Stone with The Four Dots

My Baby (She Loves Me) - take 13 / false start
My Baby (She Loves Me) - take 14
My Baby (She Loves Me) - take 14 + overdub (master)
It's Heaven - take 1
It's Heaven - take 2 (master)

The Four Dots

Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) - take 3
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) - take 6 / false start
Take My Hand (I'm Lonely) - take 9
Fontella (version 1) take 6

Eddie cochran

I've Waited So Long (take 11 & 22 composite master)
I've Waited So Long (STEREO)
Let's Get Together (take 15)
C'mon Everybody (master speeded up - single version)
C'mon Everybody (without guitar overdub/correct speed)
Nervous Breakdown (version 1)
Nervous Breakdown - version 2 (unknown take)
Nervous Breakdown - version 2 (undubbed version: no drums and hand claps)

Sherman Scout

How'dja Do
way out far

The Four Dots
Fontella (version 2) take 5 (master with overdubs)
Once More - take 2 ,3,4,5, false start master 6  
Once More - take 22 (with guitar overdub)
Bread Fred - take 5 (master)
Bread Fred - take 6 (backing track with echo)
Bread Fred - take 6 (backing track without echo)
Hide & Go Seek - take 4 (master)
If I Were Dying - take 4 / false start
If I Were Dying - take 5 (master)

Johnny Burnette

Me And The Bear

Al Lee Perkins

One sweet Tomorrow

(He is possible Eddie to the guitar *)

barbara and the boys
hotty sapperticker *

bill skid moore III

date bait *

Johnny Burnette

do baby do *

Judy & Joyce

He`s The One

Wayne Walker

 You've Got Me *

Willie Nelson


no dough

Lynn Marshall

my only one *

Wynn Stewart

 School Bus Love Affair *

 Don Wayne

 (let me be your) PLAYTHING *

 Carole and Connie

pretty teen rockaballad *

Joyce Paul

Baby You`ve Had It*
Bad News*

 Huelyn Duval

Little boy blue
Three months to kill*

Bobby please

i´m girl crazy*
my mummy flips*

Marty Cooper

cant walk em off*

Patience and Prudence 

 Little Whee

 Galen Denny

 Gonna Build A Rocket
 What Ya Gonna Do
Ray Stanley 
Way out far

Gene Brown

Big door
Playing whit my heart

Glen Garrison & The Note Kings

youre my darling
lovin lorene

Sky Johnson

If My Love Had Wings*

Terry  Fell  

Chil d bridge*

The Charts 

 For The Birds *

The Huskies
 Go Out And Buy Yourself A Hat*

Jack Tucker  

Crazy Do*

Jacki dee


 The Johnson Brothers
 Zombie Lou*

  The Playthings 



The Ross Brothers 

At The Fair*

Miss Lonely Heart*

The scooters

A Ring Around A Chain*
Everybody`s Got A Girl*

The Tigers 

Jelly bean  ( master  rockstar records  only )
Don’t bye bye baby me   ( master  rockstar records  only ) 

John Stone  

Eeney Meeney Mieney Moe
First Love*

 tommy law
cool juice 

 Bruce Culver

Square Record * 

Don Wyatt 

You Oughta` Be In The Movies  *

Emmy Noble

little willie
i done done

Grady Chapman

 My Love Will Never Change *

Jack king 

i just learned to rock *
two red  ruby lips *

 Donnie Owens 

 Need You

 Kay Cee Jones

 Kinda Like Love
Johnny, Johnny ,Johnny

Leroy Van Dyke

Leather Jacket*
My Good Mind Went Bad*

Lloyd McColluogh 

Until I Love Again*

loy clingman

show down*

Margie Rayburn 

Allright but it wont to be easy
Oooh What A Doll

Ned and Gary 

 lovin *

Nick venet 

love in the be bop time*
honey baby*

Norm skylar 

 night shift*

Ricky Page

I Cried A Million Tears*
It`s No Sin*
Never Like This*
Toy Telephone

The Bell Boys 

 Are You For Me*
 I Love Thee *

the plaids

chit chat *
Hungry for  your love*

The Wilson Sisters 

Each Time You Leave *
That`s Me Without You*

The Zanies 

The Mad Scientist

Buddy Lowe

umm , kiss me goodnight*


Jay Johnston

Spilled Milk

Eddie Cochran

Teenage Heaven (version 1)
Teenage Heaven (version 2) take 7
I Remember
My Way - backing track - take 3
My Way (composite master - backing track take 3 and vocal take 4) MONO
Rock 'n' Roll Blues (backing track - no fade out)
Rock 'n' Roll Blues (master - unknown take)
Rock 'n' Roll Blues (unknown take)
Three stars ( complete master )

Eddie Cochran and Dick dAgostin and the swingers  TOWN HALL PARTY  ( tv show )los Ángeles

 c´mon everybody
have i told you lately that i love you
don´t blame it on me
summertirme blues
school day
be honest whit me
money honey
c´mon everybody

 Eddie Cochran and Elroy Peace and the bow ribbons

quick like

Eddie Cochran

Shotgun wedding theme
Country jam
Guybo ( versión 1 whit speeded guitar )
Weekend ( Stereo)
Think of me ( t. 14 master)
Think of me ( overdub )
Think of me ( take unknown

Jay  Johnston

Walk a dog

Barry Martin

The willies
Minnie the moocher

Eddie Cochran

Three steps to heaven  (t 9.version 1)

 Baker Knight & The Knightmares

Just relax

Eddie Cochran

Somethin' Else - take 14 (no fade out)
Somethin´else  ( t. 14 master)
Boll weevil song  ( speed up)
Boll weevil song ( correct speed )

Mike clifford and patience & prudence

Should i

Eddie Cochran  

Guybo - version 2 tak 1
Guybo-version 2  outtake
Guybo- version 2  overdub track take 2
Guybo-version 2 track 4 take 6
Guybo-version 2 take 5 master
Guybo (v 2) a.k.a. Drum City - take 13 drum overdub  take 5  master 

Lovin' I'm Wastin' - take 3 (master)
Itty bitty betty  - take 1 master
Bad baby doll - take 1 master 
Bad baby doll - take2 false start
Bad baby doll - take 3 master
Chicken shot blues -take1 false start  
Chicken shot blues -take2 false start
Chicken shot blues -take3 master
Eddie´s blues
Instrumental blues
Milk cow blues -take 1
Milk cow blues -take2 false start
Milk cow blues -take3 false start
Milk cow blues -take8

Johnny Burnette 

Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks - take 2 (+ overdubs)
Just Keep On Going - take 1 (+ overdubs) 
Blue School Days - take 1 (+ overdubs)
Just A Memory - take 3 (master)
You're Cheatin' On Me - false start
You're Cheatin' On Me - take 1 
You're Cheatin' On Me - take 1 (+ overdubs)

Eddie Cochran

Strollin' Guitar - take 1
Strollin' Guitar - TRACK 3 take 1 
Strollin' Guitar - take overdub 1
Strollin' Guitar - track  2 take 4  
Strollin' Guitar - master

Little Angel - take 1
Little Angel - take 3
Little Angel - take 5 false start
Little Angel - take 6 false start
Little Angel - take 7
Little Angel - take 9
Little Angel - take 10
Little Angel - take 10 (Snuff Garrett overdubs)    
My Love To Remember (version 5) take 1  
My Love To Remember (version 5) take 2
My Love To Remember (version 5) take 3
My Love To Remember (version 5) take 10

Hallelujah! I Love Her So - take 12 (without echo / without strings)  
Hallelujah! I Love Her So   take 12 (with echo / without strings)
Jelly Bean - take 1 
Jelly Bean - take  2 FALSE START
Jelly Bean - take 3
Jelly Bean - take 4 false start
Jelly Bean - take 5
Jelly Bean - take 8 long false estart
Jelly Bean - take 9 false start
Jelly Bean - take 10
Jelly Bean - take 12 (backing track "track 2")  
Don´t bye bye baby me -take1
Don´t bye bye baby me-take2 false start
Don´t bye bye baby me -take3 
Don´t bye bye baby me-take 4
Don´t bye bye baby me -take 4 and claps overdub
Don´t bye bye baby me   take4 aditional bakin
Don´t bye bye baby me -master take 4 include hand

Jewel Akens & Eddie Daniels

Doin´the hully gully
Who can i count on

Eddie Daniels  

I wanna know-  take 4  mono
I wanna know-  take7 false start stereo
I wanna know-  take8 master stereo

Uh oh little girl -take 2 false start stereo
Uh oh little girl -tak  7 master  stereo

John Ashley 

i cant let you go - take 11

The Kelly Four 

So fine be mine
Annie has a party


Fourth man theme  ( take 1 , false star)
Fourth man theme  ( take 1 )
Fourth man theme  ( master)

song of new orleans  (Fourth man theme  version)


Hit appened to me
Hit appened to me  (alternate guitar solo - 'dry' binaural version)


Sarah Lee


Hammy blues

Shotgun wedding theme

Country jam

Have An Apple Dearie aka Big Red Apple - take 1

Have An Apple Dearie aka Big Red Apple - take2

Jam Sand-Witch

Hallelujah! I Love Her So - take 12 (with strings) take S/11 (MONO)

Hallelujah! I Love Her So - take 12 (with strings) take S/11 (stereo) 
Little Angel - take 10 (chorus overdub)

Little Angel - take 10 (chorus overdub)stereo

Little Angel - take 10 (chorus overdub) string stereo 

The Kelly Four   

Did You Ever

Eddie Cochran & Sharon Sheeley

High Hopes (fragment of home recording)


(He is possible Eddie to the guitar *)

 Art Decou

Where Are You
I Cried A Million Tears 

Austin Brothers

Nashville Special  *
Stolen Moment 

Bill and doree post
Valley high *
Billy Beasley
A Million Teardrops *

Connie Stevens

Danny Williams 
Stranger To Love*
Tennessee Rose *
My Little Black Book*
i´m a dreamer*

darry weaver 
edge of town

Dorsey Burnette 
Lonely Train ( rhytm guitar only)
Your Love  *
Misery    *
Way in the middle of the night *

Eddie Daniels 
Whoa - Whoa Baby*

 g notes 
johnny johnny johnny

 ballad of hank gordon*
 Ponytail girl*
how long must a fool go on *


 Tommy Coe 
 Teen-Age Heart* ?
 There`s No Truth*

 Jim stivers and Kelly four
 funk city

Jack Grayson
go ahead on *

jody reynolds
Golden Idol
Beaulah Lee

Johnny Bachelor
Arabella Jean*
Larry O`Keefe
Love`s Dream
Ain`t-A That Something

Margi rayburn
Make me queen again

Mike Clifford
Should I
i don´t know why
im afraid to say

Robin Rocket

you hold the key

Russo Brothers

There`s More*
Velvet Eyes*

The Dimples
Gimme Jimmy*
Toy Telephone*

thomas wayne
no more,no more

Tiny Lewis
I Get Weak*
Too Much Rockin*

Tony Butala
 long black stockings*
 look him.look at me*

wally lewis
white bobby sox *